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Fertilizer Regimen for New Tank

I finally set up my new 30 gallon Oceanic tank I got for Christmas.  It
looks great!  I built a new oak canopy for it with a 96 watt Bright Kit from
AH Supply inside.  I am using an Eheim Professional II Model 2026 canister
filter and a pressurized CO2 system from M3 injected into the intake of the
filter.  I set the tank up two nights ago.  I was running the Eheim on an
established tank for about one and a half months prior to switching it over
to the new tank.  So, the Eheim should already be colonized with good
nitrifying bacteria.  I used an all-Flourite substrate, but I laid down
about a quarter-inch base of substrate from my established tank before
piling on the Flourite.  I hope this helps kick-start the bacteria in the
substrate. I planted the tank Amano style (at least I hope it looks Amano
style once the plants grow in) with what I think is Vallisneria Americana
(gigantean), Red Foxtail, Wisteria, Java Fern, Anubias barteri var. nana,
Christmas Moss, Hairgrass, a crapload of Riccia fluitans and one Red Crypt
Wendtii.  Currently, I have two SAEs, one Flying Fox, three Black Skirt
Tetras and one Zebra Danio in the new tank.  I want to stock the tank with a
lot of Cardinal or Neon Tetras.

Here are my questions:

1.	How long will the cycling process take with this tank?  I am using a
cycled canister filter, and I seeded the Flourite with substrate from an
established tank.
2.	How long should I wait before I stock the tank with Cardinal or Neon
Tetras?  How many could I put in my tank?  Which would be a better pick,
Neons or Cardinals?
3.	How long should I wait before I start a fertilizer-dosing regimen on this
tank?  Iíve heard you should not start fertilizing for a while.
4.	Every time I have set up a new tank or refurbished an established tank, I
have always had a lot of plants die off within the first week.  Is this due
to shock from the change?  If plants start dying off in my new tank, how do
I know if itís due to shock or a lack of nutrients from not fertilizing yet?

Thank you in advance for your time and advice!


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