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Re:CO2 in a low light tank

    * From: Thomas Barr <tcbiii at earthlink_net>

Paul wrote:

>> Conclusion:  Be cautious  pushing CO2 to high levels with
>> submersed Crypts at very low light levels.

Tom wrote:

> I've tested the CO2 levels closely in a 55 gallon tank with 1.6 watts per
> gallon and have not seen what you described using the same plants(C cordata
> var and wendtii) I ran the CO2 to the point of killing shrimps(about 100ppm)
> then dropped back for about an average of 25-30ppm over the course of 6
> months. Growth was incredible and no melting. You had a tad less light(1
> watt gallon or less). This may account for some of this. They were NO FL's
> lights as likely was your set up. The crypts in the tank were:

> C. cordata var blassii
> C. crispatula var balansae
> C.    "        "  yunnanesis
> C. pontederiifolia
> C. undulata
> C. usteriana
> C. spiralis
> C. albina

> None showed signs of melting.

My light level was around 0.6 watts per gallon, less than half of yours.
My pH may also have been lower while adding the CO2, because there was
relatively soft water in the tank,  KH around 3, as I recall, and GH about
the same.  The pH could have been between 6.0 and 6.5 during the period I
was adding CO2.  Even at that very low light level, I saw a small amount of
pearling before the leaves of the crypts started to disintegrate in ernest.

Paul Krombholz in cold drizzly central Mississippi