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Re: Tom Barr Has Incredible Patience

Tom Wood suggested:

> the collective "we" could somehow create an easy FAQ that would
> become the
> default answer. A simple link to a single page that boiled it all
> down to
> the basics. I don't know  how to do website stuff, but it looks like
> it
> should be easy enough to do for those that 

I agree that this is a good idea.  The Actwin.com site does have an
aquaria FAQ, but a planted tank FAQ would be nice.  While some prefer
the exchange of correpsondence and the personalized responses that Tom
gives, others are just hunting around the net for an answer to a more
or less urgent problem.

I once thought somebody [a collective we or a distrubtive we, I'm not
sure ;-)  ]  could put together a list of the basic guidelines of
several basic approaches to planted tanks.  The approaches don't differ
in the science, just in the application or technique.  For example,
Tom's basic guidance on nutrient levels (so often repeated) would
certainly be one of these, along with Walstad's, Booth's, etc.)  I am
not trying to restart the old long thread, I'm just making the point
that there are some heuristics re technique that probalby could be

That you can send in your algae problem and tank conditions and get
expert advice (a diagnosis and prescription) from Tom, Neil, and
others, that's better than looking up someone else's case, that's
personal attention to your own case.  And that's a great thing. 
Consider this:  my division pays a small fortune (seven figures) every
year for support for our computer systems, both to teams from in-house
and "external" (you can't use the true parallelism here ;-) ).  Most of
the computer problems or cases are not more complicated than dealing
with algae.  But people get better support from APD than I can buy my
staff for their computers.

Scott H.

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