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Re: Who has my stuff--whose stuff have I

Jerry Baker said:<jerrybaker at weirdness_com>

> How funny that you mention that. I just got my package from Big Al's
> today with my heater, canister filter, and Tropica MG. Guess what?
> The
> TMG leaked all over the box. The black lid wasn't screwed on very
> tight.

For one example, ThatFishPlace tightens the caps and then cellophane
tapes them in place to guard against loosening.  this is a pain in the
patooti (sp?) when you are ready to open the bottle -- especially if
you don't take the tape off ass soon as the bottle comes but months
later when the adhesive has become gummy.  But it is good insurance
against leakage.

On the other hand, if half the TMG from Big Al's leaked, you still paid
no more for the TMG you actually received than other sources charge
you.  There is a fine line for a business to walk between maintaining
thin margins and providing good service.  My experience has been that
Big Al's has tumbled more often than other discount sources.  I still
buy from there when the price is unbeatable, the stock is unavailable
elsewhere, and I have the extra time necessary for me to navigate that
site -- I still do but I grit my teeth now when I do it   ;-|  .

Scott H.

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