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Who has my stuff--whose stuff have I

I have been having pretty good service from Big Al's online in recent
months.  Although the package usually arrives before the
it's-been-shipped notice, the orders usually go out pretty fast --
within a day or two  -- so you don't have to wonder for long when your
order will arrive.  And who can argue with their prices?  Not every
item, but lots and lots of stuff is dirt cheap, even the dirt, er,

Recently, one time of the items was incorrect and another time, the
Flourish had leaked -- unfortunately, it was the jumbo size when it
started the trip.  The bottle had been wrapped in a plastic bag, which
was good.  The bag did not contain the leak, which was bad.  The 2
liter bottle lost about half its contents and Big Al sent me that
amount at no extra charge.

Today I received a very nice Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Fresh Water Test
Kit.  Which would be great if I had actually ordered it.  Funny thing
is the right invoice was in the box -- just the wrong box.  Someone in
the warehouse, perhaps overestimating their abilities, must have been
trying to do two things at once.  So, somewhere out there, somebody has
my valve and is wondering where her or his test kit is.  It'll all be
straightened out in about a week and Big Al will pick up the extra
shipping costs to do the switches -- it was the least Big Al could --

Meanwhile, ThatFishPlace has been getting my orders to the warehouse,
packed, and out the door by evening on the day I order.  I live close
enough to the Pennsylvania operation, that the items arrive the
afternoon after I order them -- sometimes less than 24 hours :-0 .  TFP
and I must fall right on the right the right UPS route through the
right hub -- but same day processing helps.  

You win some, you lose some.

Scott H.

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