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DFW Aquatic Plant Club February meeting.

Hello Aquatic Plant Enthusiasts,

I hope I don't get in trouble for this, but it is plant related.  :-)

I wanted to pass along information about the next meeting for the 
Dallas/Fort Worth Aquatic Plant Club.  This is short notice, but the meeting 
for February is on the 10th, which is a Sunday, at 1:30pm to ~3:00pm.  
Topics of discussion will be a round robin discussion on fertilization in 
planted tanks and activities for the upcoming Fedaration of Texas Aquarium 
Societies (FOTAS) for April 19-21.  For anyone coming to Texas during that 
week, I'd encourage you to attend some of the lectures.  Some big name 
lecturers, such as Ad Konings, Wayne Leibel, and Rusty Wessel, will be 
talking at the meeting.

For more information about the upcoming meeting and directions, visit the 
DFW Aquatic Plant Club website.  For information about FOTAS, click on the 
link to the TCA at the plant club website.

Bailin Shaw
DFW Aquatic Plant Club

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