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James Purchase wrote:

<<(Major Snip)...  a little legwork and looking can sometimes uncover 
interesting information. That is of course, predicated on the principle that 
we are trying to share information here.. >>

This being the case, and I feel it is, if one types "Pogostemon" into a 
search engine, much more of the latest information will become available than 
would otherwise. 

I was a bit surprised to see that many now put Pogo in the "Mint" family, 
although if you examine the stem, you'll see it's squared off or faceted, 
like mint, and not round. Pogo stem(on),

 With all this talk on the confusion of this plant with Limno. a., I'm 
guessing a quick look at the stem could be used to differentiate between the 
two rather easily. I could be wrong.

Now, Dysophylla...

Was not the plant Wayne Wah originally described and later provided a link to 
(which I have since lost) tagged with this name? I'm referring to the plant 
with a big, spiked golfball looking growth at the apex that's apparently 
being distributed from Taiwan and costs a fortune as yet. This plant would be 
more deserving of the name "Starplant" than the Pogo, for sure.

Bob Olesen
West Palm Beach