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Re: [Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1588]

I have an Eclipse 12 that is pretty heavily planted with gravel and laterite
substrate.  When I started out, I just had the lights that came with the tank
which is a 15 watt Power Compact Flourescent (6500K I think).    It worked
well with the low light plants that I had including Anubias, crypts and an
Amazon sword.  Bacopa grew really well then petered out and java moss grew
very slowly.  I didn't add CO2 at this time.  Algae was pretty minimal - the
one otocinclus (no snails or shrimp) kept it spotless.    Eventually I decided
to get the CustomSealife retrofit (came with a 32 watt 10000K bulb) and while
most plants took off, the algae EXPLODED!  So finally figured out that I
needed to add CO2 (which I did in the form of yeast), and I changed to a 28
watt 6700K bulb since I still had a lot of low light plants and I wasn't happy
with the 10000K color.  I also added another otocinclus and three Amano shrimp
and snails have snuck in somehow.  All my plants are now growing gangbusters
(I finally took out the java moss since it just grew too much making a mess)
and the algae is almost entirely gone.  With yeast CO2 I'm able to lower the
pH to ~6.8 (from ~7.3) and keep it steady for several weeks at a stretch.  I
use a Pinpoint pH monitor which has been invaluable for this.  So my answer is
yes, your friend CAN grow plants with the included Eclipse 12 bulb - as long
as she's willing to stick to low-level plants.  She'll probably end up
retrofitting her tank as she gets bitten by the plant 'bug'!  

P.S.  For those of you searching for good CO2 reactors on small tanks, I've
found the perfect (CHEAP) solution.  I fit a wood airstone on the end of the
airline tubing and then position the airstone under the leaves of several of
my Anubias - they trap the bubbles within the different levels of leaves.  

Christine Bennett
christine.bennett at usa dot net

Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2002 10:23:32 -0800 (PST)
From: Kyle M <ktm020101 at ubbdev_com>
Subject: Re: Plants in Eclipse 12

I don't see why your friend would have a problem. I have 4 ten gallon tanks
with 1.5 watts. I have java ferns growing out of the top of one and bolbitis
going crazy in another. Beautiful crypts in both and one more. A nice rubin
sword in another. Dark red. Well growing anubias in a couple of tanks. 
Corkscrew Val doing well in one. The tank with the bolbitis also has a Hygro
'Tropic Sun' I have to prune every week and a crypt wendtii with leaves all
the way to the surface and then lay several inches along the surface and curl
back down. Gotta HAVE CO2 though. :-)

>>>>Hello.. A friend of mine got a new Eclipse System 12 Gallon Aquarium and 
wanting to fill it with live plants. I told her she didnt have enough light
to have live plants but she is adamant..So, could someone please advise 
1. Is there a remedy for the poor lighting such as a replacement CF or ???
2. What slow growing plants do people use in this type of tank ? 3. Would
Laterite or some such help even with such low lighting ? Thanks in advance
for all help !
The people on this list have helped me immensely in the past and once again
I need all your expert advice :O)
Charles Anderton
Ft. Worth, Texas<<<<