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re: Rocks in Planted Tank

Ed Dumas wrote:

> I want to add some rocks to my planted tank just for the purpose of
> andscaping. I already have some lava rock, and I was hoping to use some
> other kind of stone. I would like to know if anyone has knowledge about
> what is suitable for plants and fish. I understand that granite is a
> no-no because of its limestone base. Is that correct? How is granite in
> plant/fish tanks?

The word "granite" is used colloquially to describe pretty much any very hard 
rock with large, interlocking grains.  Almost any sort of "granite" is an 
excellent choice for planted aquairums.  You can get an added measure of 
safety by using naturally weathered stones.

Limestone and granite are completely different sorts of rocks.  There is no 
"limestone base" in granite.  I don't know what you might be referring to.

Roger Miller