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Re: Battle plan- Co2 in Australia

Hello Tom,
I followed the black-out advice and it worked great-
even the java moss was completely clean. Probably just
paranoia but I thought I saw some fillaments floating
around though- even after the water change so I'm
using some Myxazin (that I've used before at 1/2 dosage
quite safe with the corydoras) which is a bactericide
and 2 days on there appears to be no fillaments or
BGA anywhere.
With some time and effort I might be able to locate
all the necessary components from welders, brewers
etc, as others have, but it is the actual putting together
of the components that concerns me and in particular
whether I can do it correctly and safely.
I'm considering the Dupla Delta pressure reducer
(does this serve the purpose of a regulator and
needle valve?) with a 500g Eheim Co2 bottle
(cheaper in the long run than hiring one @
$80.00 per year- as long as it is compabile)
along with your reactor but I'm not quite sure
that I really need a bubble counter and an in-tank
'continuous' Co2 test/monitor- do you use them?
I've emailed you privately on your reactors
but I wanted to mention here that the only
other 'professional' external Co2 reactor
that I've located in Australia is the Dupla S
which is about $220 Aus. so even despite
delivery and exchange rates buying a reactor
from you may end up saving me around $70.00
and get me the best reactor available.
Asides from quarantine I'd be more than
happy to mail some 'Aussie' plants but all
mine are standards- hygrophilia polysperma,
hygrophila difformis, java fern/moss,
hygrophila angustifolia, etc although I do
have what I think is the Aussie marsilea-
four leaf clover- Nardoo and I suppose
I could send some rootstock?
I highly recommend the blackout treatment
to anyone who has BGA- but remember to
get a handle on the nutrients and Co2 as well!
Thanks again for your advice,