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Re: Eustralis Stellata, Luwidgia Brevipes, 'Big' ? Riccia

> Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 22:48:22 +0800
> From: "me" <tyneside at singnet_com.sg>
> Subject: Eustralis Stellata, Luwidgia Brevipes, 'Big' ? Riccia
> Thanks to all who posted pics and comments regarding ES. I am 100 % sure
> that mine is exactly the same as Bob buettner's though mine has an orange
> tone with a purplish underneath.( Probably due to high lighting ... 1 Watt
> per Litre )
> Bob....from your pics, I can clearly see that ur new shoots have sprouted
> from just below the dying tips. That's exactly what's been happening to my
> ES all the time. Rejuvenation after dying. Keep up your fertilisation
> regimen and let us know if your ES can keep growing well without any dying
> tip.
> Regards,
> Chee Ming (S'pore)

I've had no tips die off........yet, and hopefully they won't as the plants
are really very bushy from growing from the tips that broke in shipping.
Actually all the little planted tips make a great looking carpet, if they
would stay short and I'm very surprised that they all took off like they
did. My lighting is 220 Watts of 6700K PC fluorescent on the 55 gal. that  I
posted the pictures of my ES. So at 4 W/PG I'd say that I'm in the higher
light category. Out of curiosity what is your nutrient regime ? I'm thinking
that there is a lack of some nutrient in my tank as my plants show no color
yet. Or it maybe that it is going to be some time before the color develops
as they are just green now as my pictures show. The leaves that were on the
plants when I received them have purplish undersides and are much wider than
the new leaves, although the top sides were green. Is it possible that my
plants were grown emersed and the new growth is differing because they are
submersed now? maybe Robert H. could chime in on this? The plants have been
in my tank about 3 weeks now and seem to be getting well adjusted. Hopefully
they will develop some color as time goes on. So I'll be watching as the
plants and leaves  mature for new developments. Any pictures of your plants
to view Chee? I'd be interested to see them. I decided to try ES as a
challenge to grow something different and take advantage of my high lighting
levels. It should make for an interesting arrangement as they mature. They
are beginning to look less like "little palm trees" as my wife calls them
every day and are developing into nice full plants. Cool stuff!
 Anyone in CT have a job opening in a tropical fish store/Pet store...?.
I'm about ready to bail on my full time manufacturing CSR job...have resume
will travel ( within CT anyway) !
Bob Buettner
In NW CT where the trees are bending under the weight of lots of ice!