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Eustralis Stellata, Luwidgia Brevipes, 'Big' ? Riccia

Thanks to all who posted pics and comments regarding ES. I am 100 % sure
that mine is exactly the same as Bob buettner's though mine has an orange
tone with a purplish underneath.( Probably due to high lighting ... 1 Watt
per Litre )

Bob....from your pics, I can clearly see that ur new shoots have sprouted
from just below the dying tips. That's exactly what's been happening to my
ES all the time. Rejuvenation after dying. Keep up your fertilisation
regimen and let us know if your ES can keep growing well without any dying

And yes, I've seen the beautiful pictures of that gratiola sp. on e-aquaria.
Its the fake ES that I was talking about. So, I guess its easy to grow huh?
Is it also known as Limnophila aromatica? Any herbal smell from the crushed

Also, I've recently acquired a new plant which I originally thought was
Luwidgia Arcuata. After comparing mine with the high res. pic on e-aquaria,
I discovered that it is actually Luwidgia Brevipes. I'm just curious to know
if this plant is rare or is it only recently being introduced to the market.
For all I know, this plant is not yet commercially available in Singapore.
How about US?

Wayne...big riccia? I don't know about that. I know you are talking about
the dark green, translucent and fleshy thing that spreads out in a Y-shape
like riccia...only that the growth is very slow! Personally, I think its
wrong to call it big riccia because it grows so slow, does not pearl, does
not float, doesn't even feel or look like riccia. But then again, its not
wrong to call it that because both of them belong to the liverwort family :)
...Believe it or not, I've found trace amount of that in the wild of
Sinagpore on moist,shaded ground. I've put it in my aquarium for about 2
months now and its growing real slowly, haven't branch out like riccia yet

Sorry about this messy post cause I'm a messy person :) forgive me

Chee Ming (S'pore)