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Re: Eustralis Stellata, Luwidgia Brevipes, 'Big' ? Riccia

 >>Is it possible that my
plants were grown emersed and the new growth is differing because they are
submersed now? maybe Robert H. could chime in on this?<<

I can not offer much help,as I have not grown this plant long term myself. I
brought the plant in as a basically one time thing, and most of my plants
were sold within 30 days. In fact Bob I believe you got the last ones.
Everything I read, (I researched the net) said this plant needs as much
light as you can give it with elavated CO2 levels.

Perhaps our old friend Dwight, (who has been mighty quiet on this list for
the last few months) can chime in as he has kept the plants long term and
from the same source as myself. You also get different search results on the
net depending on how you spell it. Eustralis, Eusteralis...and at least one
other way that I cant remember

Robert Paul Hudson