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Re: Robert H's Critique please

Robert H wrote:
"Please share any suggestions. The Glosso hasn'tgrown in much yet."

Hmmm... do I see a path taking shape with the pygmy swords on the left and 
the Lilaeopsis on the right of the Glosso? =)  You can use this idea and put 
a medium sized stone right before the "path" turns to have a turning point 
for the path. Maybe put it to the left of the right red plant ( Nesaea? ). 
You can also line the path with stones to create a better impression of a 

The strong presence of the two red plants creates an impression of symmetry. 
If this was your goal, then you accomplished it. Otherwise redden up that 
Myrio or indica and put it to the left of the tank to give an assymmetrical 
feel to the tank. Great looking tank Robert!

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