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Re: Robert H's Critique please

Robert H wrote:

> A stone path, like Mr. Dixon? :)  I wanted it to be more subtle than that. I
> am not exactly happy with the whole background again... thanks for your
> suggestions!

Ok, then don't do the rock thing.  I thought it looked like a nice shot
at a "dutch miniature" tank.  It's probably way easier to do a 10 gallon
tank as a nature aquarium then it is go dutch.  And having said that,
I'm not really sure where I'd draw the line between the two.  Anyone
want to take a shot at it?

Anyway, I have two comments.  First, the water seems a little cloudy and
that detracts from the photo.  I know that the cloudiness isn't part of
the aquascape, but still it detracts from the overall impression. 
Second, I think it would look better if the tall plants were trimmed so
they didn't trail on the water surface.  In a 10 gallon tank that
requires pretty frequent attention.

Roger Miller