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Planted tanks with different goals...

Bill of Billinet at aol_com wrote:

"I've been looking at the pictures of planted aquaria that have been
submitted for comment and I have one observation: They are all

And after reading the positive criticisms of people who have offered
their expert observations on the design of those layouts, I have
learned, again, that there are two kinds of people who keep planted
aquaria: those who see them as works of art to be constantly improved,
and those who would be very happy if they could come close to achieving
the growth that the pictures show, even if their aquaria lacked
perspective, focus, and contrast. 

The one group works endlessly to figure out the optimum levels of CO2,
lighting, and nutrients, and their results show it; members of the other
are often happy if they can just get a runner from a common sword or
val, and they get a lot of satisfaction out of that, too. 

And the really neat thing is that this site meets the needs of both! 

Merry Christmas to all and particularly to those who keep this site

As a member of the second group, lurking and lingering and trying to
understand all the science discussed by members of group 1, while
drooling with envy over their accomplishments...I say "Well said, Bill"
and "Hear, Hear!"  
And thankful I am for this list and all the folks who love the beauty of
each plant, as well as those magnificent underwater gardens, no matter
how much of the chemistry we understand.  We are _all_ fortunate to have
this forum.

Jim Kennedy