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Re: PO4

> Ummm... talk to someone like Tom Barr who has very hard water, phosphates in
> his tapwater and has a virtually algae free system. I don't have any
> experience w/ hard water so hopefully someone will chime in who does.

Worry about CO2. Worry about PO4 when everything else is in a good
range(because then it will be used up). Soft, hard, medium, don't worry
about that too much unless it's under KH/GH of 3.
Many places that have hard water don't use PO4, which they sometimes add as
a corrosion control agent. Just test the KH/GH, call the tap water company
and ask for the PO4 and the NO3 levels. This way you'll know what your
adding to your tank.
Tom Barr