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women ... and the fish/aquatic plant hobby

at least in my local aquarium club, the overwhelming majority of members are 
men.  then when i got to my houseplant clubs, the overwhelming majority are 
women, including many LOLs...

since you are in singapore, you know what gamelan is.  i used to play with a 
central javanese gamelan group here in nyc.  the leaders of our group were 
american women, some of which had travelled to indonesia to learn this music. 
 we went to yogyakarta in 97 to play at a festival.  the indonesian gamelan 
players were all-male.  the only women playing gamelan at the festival were 
foreigners (westerners).  our group was led by a woman playing the kendang 
(drum -- i.e., conducting), something that you never see an indonesian woman 
do.  women there usually join gamelan troupes only as singers.  traditionally 
there are no women dalangs (master puppeteers) either, but there was one 
australian woman there trying to learn this art.

tsuh yang chen, nyc, USA

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