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Women and Aquariums

Interesting topic...

I suppose my interest in the hobby grew from the fact that my dad was 
an avid fisherman. We spent most weekends each summer going to his 
favorite spot. Later, when he wasn't around to take me fishing 
anymore, I found ways to get to my favorite fishing hole. You'd be 
surprized at the amount of fishing gear that can be strapped to one 
of those long, old style bicycle sissy bars. I was hooked on fishing 
and the nature aspect of that all my life.

Later, I became very interested in keeping the fish alive. My mom 
wouldn't allow me to keep fish, but I remember sneaking a can of 
small fish from the pond past her. I wasn't very responsible then and 
forgot all about the fish hidden under my bed until my mother asked 
me what that terrible odor was (yuck).

When we were kids, we also spent our entire summer rafting and 
catching critters in the local pond, so that contributed, I suppose. 
We were fortunate since we had a huge field that was several miles 
across to explore. It was common for me to be either in a pond or up 
a tree observing young birds in the nest, etc. Birds happen to be 
another interest of mine, although I don't have any right now.

By the way, I no longer allow fish to rot under my bed.

I also enjoy keeping fish because it seems like such a tranquil scene 
to observe. Very relaxing.

So, maybe it has alot to do with a person's exposure to nature during