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Re: Detritus

Cavan is having a problem with detritus. The "stuff" is coming from the
plants, and in a heavily planted tank, it can build up pretty quickly. As
I've mentioned in another thread, my biggest tank is filtered by an Eheim
2260 (rated for 1900 l/hr) and I also have a couple of internal Eheim 2252's
in there for additional circulation (they pump out 1200 l/hr each and are
located at opposite ends of the tank). There is definately no lack of water
movement in the tank and the plants wave to and fro in the current quite

But detritus still builds up very quickly.

To solve it, I just use a powerhead and blow the detritus up into the water
column, where it gets sucked up by the Eheims. The tank looks kind of cloudy
for a few hours but clears up with no problem. Once it has cleared, I rinse
the sponges on the 2 small Eheims. If I've been lazy, and allowed a lot of
detritus to build up. I might have to do this a few times. The point is not
to get rid of all the detritus, just the major parts. If I was anal about
neatness, I'l have plastic plants......

James Purchase