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Yes, I have another problem.  This one not as severe.

My tank is full of detritus.  I don't have a high
fishload.  I don't overfeed.  My micro tenellus is
doing well but gets "filled" to the top with dirt
within about 3 days after I vacuum.  My Christmas moss
is just heavily laden with dirt no matter how often I
clean it (and crappy looking too, as it seems my SAEs
are eating it).  

I have 2 Duetto internal filters that both do 50gph. 
They clog constantly and I clean each of them out
_every week_.  

I do water changes every week or two (10 gallons of
30) and remove lots of dirt with my siphon.  I am
thinking about getting an Eheim (2213 or 2222
professional) as a replacement for filtration and as a
co2 reactor.  Is the professional worth another 30
bucks?  I like the idea of having media baskets.  Is
the ECCO that bad?  Why?  I looked in the archives for
this but didn't find much.  Is it even a filtration
thing at all?  

Thanks, Cavan (swamped with dirt in Pittsburgh)    

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