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RE: Detritus

>My tank is full of detritus.

I had the same problem on a well established 70 (5 years 
and still going).  I found that I had to clean the filter 
weekly to keep it flowing and even that wasn't enough 
sometimes.  I recently got a diatom filter (Vortex XL) 
and that had made a world of difference.  The first time 
I cleaned with it I got an amazing amount of coffee 
looking sludge out of the tank.  It looks so much better 
now.  I have no idea where all the garbage come from, since 
it really didn't look that bad when I started, but it was 
there none the less.  I had to run it for several hours and 
keep the tank somewhat stirred up as well as spot vacuum, 
but it was worth the effort.  I plan on using it once a 
month or so it doesn't build up like that again.