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Re: CO2 and Trickle Filters--or "Do Sumps Dump CO2?"

Chuck Gadd quoted a previous posting and replied, in part:

> > WET DRY... I wouldn't do that with a tropical planted aquarium. The
> > wet/dry action would eliminate the benefits of CO2 (imho) and 
> I see this stated constantly.  It really isn't the case.  I have no 
> doubts that a wet/dry might dissipate CO2 a little faster than
> some other methods, but the amount of CO2 lost doesn't have any
> effect, except maybe the cost of a little wasted CO2, and CO2 is
> VERY cheap.  It's worth a little extra cost for the other benefits of
> a wet/dry:  sump space to get the heaters, probes, CO2 reactor 
> out of the tank.   

If the sump is wide open to the ambient air, you can have a lot of CO2
loss.  but if the sump is covered, the air inside will be CO2 rich and
the CO2 in the water won't pass as easily to the air.  George and Karla
Booth's excellent web site notes their experience on this matter. 
Basically, they point out that,not only is a trickle filter sump okay
with a CO2 injected tank, but it can be ideal!

I will quote some of the text just to point you to the page (and hope
that George and Karla don't mind a little copyright infringement) :

George and Karla Booth's site is at


once there, select   "Tech Brief: Carbon Dioxide"
then scroll down to    "I've been told that I can't use CO2 injection
because my trickle filter will strip it from the water.  "

You can have your cake and eat it too, or at least your sump and CO2,
too.  :-)
Good Luck,
Scott H.

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