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Re: Siphons, Sumps, and Pumps

Chuck Gadd said, in part:

> I was running two 1" tubes on my overflow for the longest time.  I 
> constantly had to deal with bubbles collecting in the syphon tubes. 
> I
> removed one of the two tubes, and so far, no bubbles have collected.

Velocity can be critical in a siphon.  So long as the siphon tube(s)
have sufficient volume capacity to keep up with the pump that returns
the water from the lower tanks to the upper, you can make the siphon(s)
as small as you like.  The smaller they are the greater the velocity of
the flow through it (them).   But as you make them smaller, you added
resistance to the water flow and at some point, you restrict the volume
of flow too much and either yo make them bigger or get a
float-activated shut-off valve for your pump.  The right combination of
pump, siphon size, etc. can take some playing around -- and even
commerical systems can take some fiddling.  Certainly some devils in
those details.  ;-)

Scott H.

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