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Deposits on glass & FE tests


Deposits on glass
I got white deposits on the coverglass on top of the aquarium. I've tried to remove it with vinegar essence which didn't work.
So I tried concentrated phosphoric acid (Acidum Phosphoricum Concentratum), really powerful stuff which didn't work either.
I'm puzzled. I was under the impression that those deposits on the underside of the cover glass was calcium and would be easily removed.
Well, here I stand without the slightest hunch on what to do next. I could go get new glass, but that would soon have the same deposits, so that would not be of much use.
It is quite useless for me to install new reflectors and tubes if I can't get rid of this light obstruction.
Advice is needed and I turn to the list members for help.
What is it?
How do I remove it?

FE - test
I'm a bit unhappy with the "Hagen" FE-test kit. It has the scale 0,1_0,25_0,50_1,0 mg/L.
The usual result is that I have to ask my wife which of the colors on paper that is closest to the one in the test tube. It usually ends up with a guess; It's between 0,25 and 0,50. I wish to find out how much the plants are eating during a day.

Which kit is the very best of the ones that are avaliable globally?
Which test kit are you using.

Finally, is there a way to measure the FE level electronically without buying a whole fulscale laboratory including the kemist?

I once again have to thank everybody who kindly gave me their point of veiw (by far more positive than negative ones) on my newly planted tank. I'm really greateful for all answers, both off and on the list. Thank you all so much!

Best regards
Greger Lindstrand

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