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Where can I get rocks?

Lately, I have been frustrated with the lack of rock
available in the Houston area.

I have scoured stone yards, parks, stores, etc.  The
only thing I have come up with is one lousy piece of
petrified wood.

Here's an aquascaping challenge:  come up with a nice
tank that uses an 18" x 6" x 4" piece of petrified
wood.  Just one.

Just to illustrate the fruitlessness of my endeavors: 
I decided to go a large park (Memorial) looking for
rocks.  I could not find a single rock!  Not even one!
 And I'm not talking about a decent rock.  I am saying
that I couldn't find a rock of any sort.

The stone yards here carry a lot of smooth rocks,
slate, etc.  I'm looking for something a little more
jagged, rough.

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.  Esp. if
someone here in Texas can offer some ideas.


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