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PAM's demise

""I am sorry for this turn of events, but hope that
someday our
hobby will have grown to the point where 15% of the
hobbyists will be
enough to support a specialized magazine. Till then,
Sincerely,   Dave Gomberg""

Dave and all,

Dave, I am sorry to hear that the magazine is not
sustainable.  Along with the other several hundred
subscribers, I was looking forward to additional
issues.  Coverage of the planted aquarium hobby will
again be the filler material in the tropical fish
glossies.  A pity, it is.  Thank you for your effort,
I certainly appreciated it.

I suppose this is a commentary on the real level of
support for the culture of ornamental aquatic plants
and planted aquaria.  The six hundred American APD
subscribers, several hundred PAM subscribers, one
hundred AGA convention goers; this is the level of
support in the US?  What a shame…  

Interesting thought…  Why do you suppose this is? 
Maybe it’s because we brow-beat our retailers with
notices of un-met expectations.  Maybe it’s because
there are disreputable retailers who don’t fulfil
basic customer needs.  Maybe the products are just too
expensive.  Maybe we are just too cheap.  I don’t
know, but this is disappointing.  

Here’s today’s dose of sarcasm - Does anyone have any
high expectations to see an English language version
Kasselmann’s book in the near future?  



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