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Re: types of Anubias plants

Shireen, check out the following URL links. They are articles written by
Karen Randall and are the most comprehensive and authorative things I've
seen on the genus to date. (B.T.W. Anubias is a genus, not a family). The
genus Anubias belongs to the plant family Araceae, as do Aglaodorum,
Aglaonema, Amauriella, Caladium, Calla, Colocasia, Cryptocoryne,
Dieffenbachia, Lagenandra, Lasia, Peltandra, Pistia, Spathiphyllum, and
Syngonium. There are other genera in the family, but these are the ones most
likely to be familiar to aquatic gardnenrs (they aren't all aquatics).

It looks like Karen went right to "the source" and obtained a copy of the
most recent taxonomic revision of the genus to research her article.

For a complete listing of Anubias species, go to the KRIB -
- look for the message posted by Karl Schoeler on 16 Feb. 1996. He gives a
full list of the valid species and varieties of Anubias which were described
in the most recent revision of the genus, done in 1979 (this is from the
same paper used as a reference by Karen).

Further along in the message string from the KRIB is a lisiting of "original
habitats" for the various Anubias species taken from Kasselmann.

It _is_ possible that new species have been discovered and described in the
past 20 years that are not covered by that taxonomic revision. But it is
also possible (and more than likely) that the plants you have have been
mislabelled by someone in the chain from grower to you. This happens a lot
and is often a case of someone trying to gain a bit of an edge over their
competition (with the rare and unusual).

See if you can match your plants to the descriptions given in Karen's

James Purchase