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Re: Subject: Who to contact at water company

> Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001 04:51:13 -0500
> From: Chuck H <grendel at usit_net>
> Subject: Who to contact at water company
> Many list members are concerned with high levels of chlorine or
> in their tap water and with good reason.
> I make it a point to keep in contact with my water company and I've
> that the person to talk to is the SUPERVISOR OF THE WATER PLANTS
> LABORATORY  or something to that effect (Sorry, I wasn't yelling
> Also, please be careful when overdosing water conditioners.  While
there is
> usually some room to overdose, too much can be as harmful as too
little and
> some products are safer to overdose than others.  Contact the mfg. if
> are in doubt about what levels are safe to dose.
> Chuck Huffine

Thanks Chuck for the info, that will indeed save us a lot of time from
jumping from one department to another.  Your last paragragh caught my
eyes, let's say I use a water conditioner which is made in Germany, how
on earth would they know how much chlorine & chloramine the US water
dept. dump into our water?  Each region varies from one another big
time, right?  I was at an aquarium meeting years ago and everyone was
complaining about sudden fish death just from changing water.  Then it
was found that the Mass water department just dumped God knows how much
copper sulfate into the water supply to combat bacterial & algae growth!
That killed most fish in our aquaria back then.  So, this is just one
example of how bizaar water quality can be at different times of the
year.  I think the most ideal way is to get a detailed water analysis
from our local water department monthly and then custom-formulate our
own water conditioner accordingly.  Does such a service exist at all?