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types of Anubias plants

Hi ...

I'm an Anubias fan, and a few days ago, my LFS gave
me two free samples of some rare anubias plants they
had received from one of their plant dealers.

I had trouble deciphering the writing on the bags that
my 2 plants came in. It looked like "motegene" and
"fifinoa." I'm sure I'm seriously mangling those names!

I've done searches on google under those names and
under anubia. Nothing. Also checked the Univ of
Florida database and found nothing.

Does anyone know where I can find a detailed description
of plants in the Anubias family? Meanwhile, my LFS is
doing some digging too and I hope to get a few more
leads from them tomorrow. We're quite interested in
learning more about these plants and their origins.


Shireen Gonzaga, Data Analyst, WFPC2 group, Space Telescope Science Institute
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office tel.#: 410-338-4412, e-mail: shireen at stsci_edu