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Re: Noisy canister filters

>I concluded that my leak was in the canister seal because I only had to
>open and reseat the lid in order to stop the leak.  In severe cases the
>seal would leak water when the pump was turned off.  It leaked quite a

When I had similar problems with my Magnums I realized that wetting the
seal before reassembling it would solve the problem.  To test to make sure
the seal is good each time I reassemble the canister I do the following:
1. Do not fill the filter quite the whole way before reassembling (you want
about 1/2 inch or so of air).
2.  Hook it all back up and open ONE of the cut-off valves to refill the
3.  Watch the cannister fill with water.  At some point it should "vapor
lock" and quite filling with water before it is quite filled.  If it fills
clear to the top it will probably also leak and will need to be taken apart
and reassembled.
4.  If the filter stops filling before it is quite full I know I have a
good seal and will open the other cut-off valve and let it fill and turn it
on and go about my business.
Checking in this manner and wetting the seal before reassembly has been all
I have needed to do to solve this problem (actually I think I haven't had a
problem since I started wetting the seal, but I still check each time
before I walk away from it).

Hope this helps,

J Smith