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RE: ich, crypts, shrimp and friends


Recently I've had some luck with something called "Maracide" - It's supposed
to be the safest and most effective for all fish, even scale-less ones such
as african knives and whatnot. At least, the owner of my favorite LFS swears
by that brand. I had an outbreak in two of my 10 gallon planted aquariums.
They're both on one of those 10-gallon stacker metal stands. In the lower
tank I had swords, a crypt, java ferns, anubias and java moss. The fish in
there are 1 male betta, and a school of rummy nose & pristella tetras. I had
a fleet of amano shrimp doing their thing too. Oh, and a clown pleco (L206).
In the top aquarium I had a temminkii pleco, amano shrimp a fleet of neon
tetras and a fleet of red phantom tetras. The plants in there are
glossostigma, riccia, hemianthus/micranthemoides micranthemum, bolbitis
heudeloitti, and some of LKL's awesome xmas moss. 

The top aquarium, even though it's where the ich first appeared (introduced
by adding the contaminated temminckii pleco) had no fatalities, even though
the ich was raging like a drunken monkey in there. The lower tank had a
horrible mortality rate. All but two tetras died, my beloved 4yr old clown
pleco died. Almost all of the amano shrimp died, save one or two. 

I have no idea why one tank was wiped out and the other was smiled upon by
the fishy gods. Both are identical in water conditions and chemistry.
1. the lower tank, being slightly harder to observe, did not get attention
as fast.
2. the lower tank occupants were very old. I don't know how long a rummy
nose or a pristella is supposed to last but mine were about 2.5 years old,
and thus possibly less resilient
3. something else besides ech was going down.

good luck dude!

Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2001 14:49:13 -0700
From: Ted Backman <tedb at valvesoftware_com>
Subject: Best way to deal with Ich and Crypts and shrimp

Hello all, 

I know that people have asked questions about Ich before, but, since there
seems to be new ich treatments out all the time, I thought I'd ask again.

I'd like to treat a small outbreak of ich in my discus tank, it's full of
crypts, cardinals and rummynose tetras, with a few amano shrimp too.

I'm worried that any medications i may use would hurt either the shrimp, the
crypts or the discus.

Does anyone have experience with FWP  (fresh water parasite medication)?