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Re: CO2 vs. KH testing

George Booth writes:

>experiments you are describing requires a pH test kit that can resolve to
>least 0.2 pH units (not the 0.5 indicated here) and a KH test kit that
>resolves to 4 mg/l (about 0.25 dKH, not the 1 dKH indicated here. What you
>are seeing is mostly errors in testing.

You know what?  I had planned on putting that into my disclaimer part....I
am using Tetra test kits.  Sorry about that.

>I would bet pH was really about 7.5 at this point.
>Increase KH -> increased pH

OK, if it is a small enough swing that it doesn't show up on a Tetra test
kit wouldn't it be safe to assume that the swing is insignificant for what I
am trying to do...getting the CO2 to a reasonable level for the plants to

Dave Berryman

PS thank you for all the responses to this post.  I have learned so much
from people like Roger Miller, George Booth, and Scott.  This list is great
and has a ton of nice and helpful people in it.  Sometimes it goes WAY over
my head but when I need things to be explained better usually someone
does....again thank you.