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Plants for trade or paid shipping.

I have 3 - 1 gal. size zip-lock bags full of Italian val (Vallisnera 
spiralis) and (I think) Narrow leaf Sagittaria (Sagittaria subulata). Some of 
these plants are about two feet long!!   :o) 
Don't rightfully know if these are the exact names, but they look very 
similar/exactly like the pictures in Aquarium Plants the practical guide, by 
Pablo Tepoot.

I have been reading this list for some time now and have had the good fortune 
of keeping up a thriving jungle in my tank. Well, this is just a thank you; 
so e-mail me now please, because I would like to send these out today if 
possible. The crypts are coming along nicely so hope, hope.

They were grown in a co2 inject, pmdd dosed, cable heated, 2 - 175 watt 
lighted, 100 gal tank. 

I also have what I think is Potamogton gayi, page 180 of the above mentioned 
book. Does anybody out there have any ideas what I could do with this stuff? 
Looks neat but can't think of any designs or set-ups I could do with it.  

"Go to Church, it will do wonders for your soul."   

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