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Re: mailing with USPS

Most of the USPS concerns have come up on the killitalk list over the past 
month or two.  The general concensus there (from folks who mail out LOTS of 
fish and eggs regularly) is that 1) mail is slow...especially if you mark it 
as "live" anything.  If it is unmarked, priority mail still seems to take 
about 3 days (and Saturday shipping seems to be the most favorable).  If it 
is live, it seems that it now takes longer (significantly so).  2) 
irradiation is an option that the USPS has talked about, and they even say 
some could be in effect by Nov. 1, but it is unlikely to be any problem for 
us any time soon (some said it would require the devices at all 
international arrival points, but to stop it domestically would also require 
the devices at ALL post offices...not very cheap to say the least).  If this 
goes forward, it will probably be slow, and if the source of the anthrax is 
found soon, this idea is likely to go the way of the dodo before ever being 
implemented.  3) even if irradiation (I suppose I'm using the correct word, 
but I think you know what I mean) is used on the mail, there will almost 
HAVE to be ways to get your packages safely mailed when they contain such 
things as plants/fish/eggs/film/etc.  For now it is probably just something 
to keep in mind as a possible problem in the future.  And, if worse comes to 
worst, there are other carriers besides the USPS that we may have to turn 
to.  So, for now the best option seems to be to continue mailing out 
plants/fish/eggs, but if you can, do so on Saturday, and don't mark them as 

Cameron, who is just paraphrasing a lengthy discussion on killitalk, so if 
you haven't heard it there, you can check their archives

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