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Re: "seasoning" of carbo plus

>When I was cruising some mail order plant sites recently, I happened to

>notice an article with "new" instructions for the Carbo Plus as 
>www.trueaquariumplants.com.  However, it looks almost as if these are
>instructions for a newer model.  One way or the other, it sounds as if
>unit is not working properly.

Thanks, Ellen,

I checked out the trueaquariumplants site and the "new" instructions
refer to the fact that you actually don't need to season the carbon
block any longer -- just use it for the first couple of days on the
lowest setting. The unit they sell looks like the one I had originally
ordered from PetWarehouse.

Needless to say, I spoke again to PetWarehouse last night and they are
sending me a new Carbo Plus in the mail. I am returning the original
(and definitely defective) one just as soon as it dries out and I can
box it.

Thanks again for your reply,