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Re: Dangers of sending plants through the mail

This is an addendum to my message below...

I should have written" from Oregon to Connecticut" Aquabotanic is not
located in Colorado...must be the painkillers I've been taking after my
operation! My apologies to RobertH!
Bob Buettner
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Subject: Re: Dangers of sending plants through the mail

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> > Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 21:38:43 -0700 (PDT)
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> > Subject: Re: Dangers of sending plants through the mail.
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> > The real danger of sending plants through the mail
> > (USPS) of late (in my experience) is that it will
> > arrive days late!  I have emailed USPS to express my
> > dismay/concern.  I wonder if others are having the
> > same problem.
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> > Arthur
> > http://www.awaqua.com
> My very recent experience with the USPS has been excellent! I just
> a shipment of plants and driftwood through the mail , ordered from Robert
> H's AquaBotanic web site ( http://www.aquabotanic.com/) . They were
> on Monday of this week and arrived to my mailbox on Wednesday...at least a
> day earlier than I had expected ! That's a shipment ( 2 different boxes
> which actually arrived at the same time! ) from Colorado to Connecticut in
> what UPS would call "2nd day " service for all of about $10.00 ! I'd say
> that the USPS has got their act together and they will remain my shipper
> choice. In fact I tend to stay away from ordering ANYTHING mail order
> the USPS is given as a shipping choice. I also like the idea of Saturday
> deliveries at no extra charge.
> On another note...the plants and driftwood I ordered from Robert were very
> fine specimens and arrived in excellent shape....intact and completely
> undamaged. They were packed more than adequately and no doubt could have
> survived for much longer in transit if it had been necessary! Yes this is
> plug for Aquabotanic...this is the first time I have bought plants mail
> order and I am very impressed with his service ( and the US Mail ) :>)!
> Bob Buettner
> Recovering from kidney stone surgery in chilly northwest CT
> http://www.home.cshore.com/luna/Fishpics/Fishpicstn.html