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> THe stuff I have I obtained from Florida Aquatic
> Nurseries, and was labeled as Acicularis.  The
> original stock is fairly tall (3 inches).  It's just
> the runners that are very short.
The stuff in the pool is about 5-7 inches tall. It's a touch thicker than
parvulus and not so fine hair like. E pavulus tends not to do well emmersed
IME. EA does.<<<

My acicularis has gone past 15" and is approaching 20" in height. Its in a
100 gallon tank with 6 55 watt PCs and no added CO2. My experience is that
it grows like crazy under good, direct light. If its shaded by any other
plants it begins to turn brown quickly. Several months ago, Tom gave me some
really dwarf hairgrass that in general will not get more than three inches
tall. My biggest problem was keeping it rooted in the substrate. At that
time Tom told me the specie name was unknown...is that correct Tom?

Robert Paul Hudson