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RE eheim diffusor tubing connections

Joe Anderson asked:
"I just purchased an Eheim diffusor and am wondering if any one has any

suggestions for adapting the normal size tubing"

You don't have to spend a handful of dollar bills on fittings, although
you can find quite a variety of them at, for one example, 


[You can find a variety of vinyl and rubber tubing there, too.]

The Eheim "CO2" mini tubing fits into regular air tubing.  You can seal
this imperfect joint with a rubber cement, which cures quickly, a
silicone adhesive, which cures slowly, or a plastic cement, which cures
quickly but might become too brittle.   In any event, allow full curing
of the "glue" so that the thinners and solvents in the adhesive are
fully evaporated.

Scott H.

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