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Re: silicon sealer and CO2 - bad combination

I use pressurised CO2 with a bell (entering from below)...
A small water pump forces water circulation in the bell (entering from above) !
I get the same yellowish slime that slow down the water flow further and further till I clean my tubing...
It smells like bread to me !!!???
So I thought of yeast (from nowhere cf. the pressurised CO2)...


PS. Are silicone tubing clear for ever (or do they become whitish after some time) ?

| Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 15:29:55 -0400
| From: "James Purchase" <jppurchase at Home_com>
| Subject: Re: silicon sealer and CO2 - bad combination 
| I'm pretty certain that what you are seeing is NOT silicone being broken
| down by CO2. The archives are full of questions from people who have
| observed a phenomen similar to what you have seen. It is quite common for a
| slimey, opague (whitish) growth of bacteria (???) to form either within the
| tubing running from a yeast generated CO2 setup or at the point where it
| exits into the tank. I have seen it myself countless times. I have never
| seen anyone actually say what it was but apparently its harmless (if
| unsighly and kind of disgusting) as I've never heard of it hurting anything.
| I've even observed fish eating it without harmful effects. The best cure for
| it is to just clean out the tubing, sterilize it and then start again with a
| fresh batch of Yeast/Sugar/Water.
| James Purchase
| Toronto