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re: silicon sealer and CO2 - bad combination

Minor nitpick: silicon is the very abundant element that is in quartz,
glass, sand, microchips, etc.  Silicone is that wonderful watertight
sealant that sticks nicely to glass.

The white stuff is not silicone.  I've had the same reactor (the
top of a 12 oz water bottle with a silicone tube stuffed through the cap
and sealed with silicone) for over a year and the sealant is in no danger
of dissolving.

Good thing too, or the seals around my tank would be next.

I used to get this white precipitate gunk when I'd use an airstone
as a diffuser, this happened at about the same rate as the airstone slowly

I stopped using an airstone diffuser altogether and I still get plenty
of CO2 to the plants without the gunk. The reactor still works by
holding a large bubble of CO2 under the water. I also have good
water flow and no aeration in the tank.

- Brian Harmon