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Re: silicon sealer and CO2 - bad combination

Shireen wrote:
"...Then, this morning, I noticed that the
diffuser was not working. When I took it out of the tank,
I saw that it was clogged with a gooey translucent
substance that looked like the sealant."

So you figure that if it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck, and

I'm pretty certain that what you are seeing is NOT silicone being broken
down by CO2. The archives are full of questions from people who have
observed a phenomen similar to what you have seen. It is quite common for a
slimey, opague (whitish) growth of bacteria (???) to form either within the
tubing running from a yeast generated CO2 setup or at the point where it
exits into the tank. I have seen it myself countless times. I have never
seen anyone actually say what it was but apparently its harmless (if
unsighly and kind of disgusting) as I've never heard of it hurting anything.
I've even observed fish eating it without harmful effects. The best cure for
it is to just clean out the tubing, sterilize it and then start again with a
fresh batch of Yeast/Sugar/Water.

James Purchase