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Re: CO2 worst case scenario

> Date: 19 Oct 2001 05:32:00 -0700
> From: Rich Patton
> Question for the list:
> Could the top of a CO2 cylinder ever pop off due to enough pressure?  Iím wondering if a CO2
> cylinder is under a tank is there any way part of it(like the top) could fly upwards and break
> the above tank? My tank stand has an open top design. I can look with a flashlight at my plant
> roots from inside my stand. Do I need to protect the glass tank bottom with wood or something
> in the area above the CO2 cylinder under the tank. I guess Iím asking if the tank fails what is
> the worst that could happen? Is there a way the top could ever become a projectile?

Assuming you have a standard CO2 valve, the only way it can fail is if it is overfilled and/or left in a hot car or something, and an overpressure disk will blow out.  It'll probably scream like a Banshee, but there should not be any flying projectiles.  At least on my CO2 tank, there is a cap over the blowout disk with 4 vent hole in it all facing different directions so the escaping CO2 doesn't propel the tank like a missile.  HTH :-)