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RE: CO2 worst case scenario

To answer your question Rich, if the top of your pressurized CO2 tank were
to "pop" off, theoretically the tank not the valve could became like a small
missile. It would be capable of going thru walls not just break your tank
bottom. You should secure your bottle to the inside of your stand to prevent
accidental tipping. Velcro attached to the side of the stand is sufficient.
It should be stored in a vertical position, valve end up always as the gas
is in liquid form in the tank and can cause the valve to malfunction.

This post should not put you in a panic as these tanks are designed to be
strong as they handle pressurized gases. It is just to make you aware that
they can cause damage if not cared for in a safe fashion.

Rich Patton writes:

Iím wondering if a CO2 cylinder is under a tank is there any way part of
t)>like the top) could fly upwards and break the above tank? I guess Iím
asking if the tank fails what is the worst that could happen? Is there a way
the top could ever become a projectile?