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Re: "Chain sword" forms

On Thu, 18 Oct 2001, Susi Barber wrote:
> I have what was called hairgrass, it is a very slender leaved plant, leaves
> 2mm x about 50mm (2") max, they curve strongly out and down to the base of
> the plant, and the leaf itself has a reddish wine coloured stripe down the
> centre of it, with green either side.  It multiplies from runners, and looks
> great next to my dark crypts, which are slowly encroaching on it and
> drowning it, will have to move some soon.  Where the light is blocked by the
> crypts, the leaves are plain green.  Is this what you are talking about?  I
> got mine from Raymond Wong, who probably got it from Steve Pushak......


The plant that is usually called hair grass is a spikerush.  The leaves
are hair-like; round in section and usually straight.  The small E.
tenellus has downward curved, flattened leaves with a vein down the
middle. The reddish color can be a streak down the middle, or it can take
the whole leaf.  In my tanks the small E. tenellus doesn't need to have
real bright light to show the red color.  It doesn't turn fully green
unless it is heavily shaded.

It sounds like what you have might be the small E. tenellus, not what is
usually called hair grass.

Roger Miller