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Re: Regulators

At 03:48 AM 10/17/01 -0400, Ben wrote:
>I recently read the post about not letting the pressure on your CO2
>regulator fall below 800psi.  I have had a faulty regulator for sometime
>now, and I think that is probably what happened.  I haven't really done
>anything about it until I awoke a couple days ago to a pH of 5.75.
>Everything survived except the ghost shrimp.  I have already ordered a new
>regulator and don't plan on letting that happen again.  Does anyone have any
>other tips on regulator maintenance?

The usual cause of low input pressure to a regulator is the CO2 tank 
running dry.   If that was the cause you need to refill the tank, not 
change the regulator.  Glad you did not have a major loss, the check list 
for avoiding a CO2 dump is on:


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