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RE CO2 causing a rise in KH

Scott H. wrote:

If you are suggesting that increased CO2 absorbtion will
raise or lower
you KH, I think that is mistaken.  You can raise you KH by
carbonates, which will riase your pH.  You can bring your pH
down by
dissolving CO2 into the water.  So you can compute the level
of CO2
dissolution by measuring KH and pH and doing the appropriate
math.  But
CO2 won't lower or raise the KH.


This is not what I was suggesting.  What I said was that the
water and wastewater board in my town rerouted my main water
source to the well with a high KH value and caused the KH of
my tap water to rise.    As a result my dissolved CO2 level
has also gone up and caused my fish to go belly up.  The pH
value of my tap water must have gone up, too, (sorry I did
not check that one) since I did not see the pH value of my
tank water shift down like it should have with more carbonic
acid in the water.

After slowing down my bubble rate yesterday morning, the pH
value in the evening (one hour before the tank light turned
off) came out to be 7.0.  This morning some of my fish were
again gasping for air but not as bad as yesterday morning.
The pH value of my tank water this morning was between 6.6
and 6.8 (hard to tell with AP's color chart.)  I suppose I
need to start aerating at night.