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RE CO2 causing a rise in KH

Tomoko Schum wrote:

"The pH value of the tank water has not changed much from the
norm (about 6.6 at 7:00 am) but my KH was up to 6.0 this
morning instead of the normal 4 to 4.5 level.  My fish was
definitely suffering from CO2 toxicity."

If you are suggeting that increased CO2 absorbtion will raise or lower
you KH, I think that is mistaken.  You can raise you KH by adding
carbonates, which will riase your pH.  You can bring your pH down by
dissolving CO2 into the water.  So you can compute the level of CO2
dissolution by measuring KH and pH and doing the appropriate math.  But
CO2 won't lower or raise the KH.

Scott H.

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