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BG algae and trace elements

I have a continuting nightmare with BG algae. No matter what I do  it 
returns and covers everything with thick slime. I dug out the test 
kits and tested and low and behold - even though I have been adding 2 
cc of PMDD daily the Nitrate and Iron readings are *none*! Is there a 
shelf life to potassium nitrate and trace element mix? (The test kits 
are okay - not old).

I have done another <sigh> water change, removed as much slime as 
possible, added Maracyn and this time I'm putting 6 cc of PMDD into 
the water daily. Tomorrow I will do some more tests. But meanwhile if 
someone can tell me if PMDD ingredients go bad, I'd appreciate it.

Also this tank has now been set up about 8 years. At some point do 
substrates go bad and need shoveling out? Gad, I hope note! It is a 
terralit and gravel substrate.

in Vancouver