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Arizona Aquatic Gardens

Well, with all of the negative feedback on PetSWEARhouse, I thought I'd
post something positive about a vendor.

I have the dreaded Black Brush Algae developing in 2 of my 29 gallon
tanks, so I ordered a dozen SAEs from AAG, I also ordered a dozen Ammano
shrimp. The order came last week, I did lose 1 shrimp in transit, but AAG
sent me 13 SAEs, all of which survived. All in all, very pleased, I
ordered on-line, and a confirming e-mail would have been nice, but all in
all I'm very pleased.

For those with Ammano shrimp, do I have to worry about them climbing out
of the tank via heater power cords or anything? I split them among about 4
tanks, and some are hard to find, but they may be hiding in the plants.
They ARE neat, the way they go about feeding on the algae, they are fun to

       Gerry Skau
       "A prisoner of war is a man who tries to kill you and fails, and
       then asks you not to kill him." -- Winston Churchill